Tomorrow (March 22) is World Water Day. And to celebrate it, Teva is asking people to give up the substance they’re supposed to be celebrating—water—in one aspect of their life, for one day. From no showers, laundry and teeth brushing, to waterless culinary creativity.

Why? The shoe/sandal company “action sport brand” hopes to inspire permanent change for the future of clean water through thoughtful water consumption.

And we’re all for that.

The video above, featuring pro whitewater paddler Rush Sturges, Lissie, singer-songwriter, and Jim Moriarty, CEO of Surfrider Foundation runs through some of the reasons why we are, and, whether you’re a paddler or not, why you probably should be too.

Visit Teva's Facebook page and the Teva Collect blog for more info on the challenge, and read up on Teva’s ongoing efforts for clean water through the brand's Pair for a Foot program. It has committed to protecting one linear foot of shoreline for every pair of shoes sold throughout the year. Officially in its second year, Teva has partnered with Surfrider Foundation, Waterkeeper Alliance, Ocean Conservancy and Save the Colorado to help protect 4.3 million feet in 2011 with plans to increase to 4.4 million feet in 2012.