After sailing halfway around the world, Tyler Bradt and his Wizard’s Eye cohorts struck paddling gold this summer in Madagascar.

Over the next three weeks C&K will be debuting four episodes documenting the crew’s harrowing sailing journey only matched by its white-knuckle, brown-water explorations of powerful, unknown rivers deep within Africa’s massive island nation.

This first episode from the Madagascar leg (No. 9 in the series charting Bradt’s five-year circumnavigation) chronicles the expedition as it “plummets south from the Seychelles to the red island of Madagascar.” On the heavy seas of the Indian Ocean, the team, which includes paddlers Benjamin Hjort and Isaac Levinson, battles strong winds and serious sea sickness on the nine-day, 720-mile crossing. The passage marks the latest chapter in what C&K Editor-at-large Eugene Buchanan describes in the forthcoming feature Whitewater on the Wind (appearing in Canoe & Kayak‘s December issue available on newsstands and for digital download later this week) as a “five-year quest to sail a 42-foot floating toy chest named the Wizards Eye around the world in search of all things adrenaline, from BASE-jumping to surfing to spearfishing to standup paddling, and of course, kayaking. Lots of kayaking.”

— Stay tuned for the next chapter as the crew heads to the island interior. Read more about the Wizard’s Eye Expedition and check out Episode 8, as Bradt departs from Sri Lanka in search of the Seychelles some 2,000 miles away.”