After sailing halfway around the world, Tyler Bradt and his Wizard’s Eye cohorts struck paddling gold this summer in Madagascar.

Over the next three weeks C&K will be debuting four episodes documenting the crew’s white-knuckle, brown-water explorations of powerful, unknown rivers deep within Africa’s massive island nation. This second episode from the Madagascar leg (No. 10 in the series charting Bradt’s five-year circumnavigation) follows the crew off the boat for a month-long exploration of Madagascar’s vast interior. A two-day drive down pitted, winding roads “finds the team at one of the most infamous rivers on the islands: the Ikopa.”

Bradt, pictured above, and fellow kayakers Isaac Levinson, Benjamin Hjort and Will Pruett have four hours to navigate 15 miles of rarely run big-water Class V. It’s the latest chapter of what C&K Editor-at-large Eugene Buchanan describes in the forthcoming feature Whitewater on the Wind (appearing in Canoe & Kayak‘s December issue, available on newsstands and for digital download later this week) as a “five-year quest to sail a 42-foot floating toy chest named the Wizards Eye around the world in search of all things adrenaline, from BASE-jumping to surfing to spearfishing to standup paddling, and of course, kayaking. Lots of kayaking.”

Photo: Hjort

On the old-world Madagascar shuttle to the Ikopa. Photo: Hjort

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