Courtesy of Peter Marshall

By Peter Marshall

Most people think about big industry like mining and forestry as the major threats to wilderness areas. We hear a lot about this, but I think we should also be concerned with technology destroying the wilderness experience. The comforts of home are becoming more and more portable, so that the wilderness now includes iPads, movies and music. Technology is taming the wilderness.

For me, "getting away from it all" means stepping out of my comfort range and learning to be open to the environment. We should be prepared to meet the wilderness on its own terms as a source of discovery. My worry is that technology is diminishing this sense of adventure and taking the unknown out of the wild.

Midwest-based filmmaker Peter Marshall and crew won the coveted Expedition of the Year Award at the 2013 C&K Awards for a 2,600-mile canoe trip across the Canadian subarctic. This summer, he's following a historic canoe route across Labrador using only traditional gear.

Photo Courtesy Peter Marshall

Courtesy Peter Marshall

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