By Will Stauffer-Norris

Have you ever seen an entire river? "Mirror River" is a journey from source to sea down the Green and Colorado Rivers in 3 and a half minutes. We started in the Wind River Mountains (Wyoming) in October 2011 and finished at the Sea of Cortez (Mexico) in January 2012. The river begins as a trickle, carves ever deeper and more spectacular canyons, and is reduced to a trickle again by water diversions. This timelapse has 24 still images from almost every day of the trip.

Canoe & Kayak will be releasing the Down the Colorado crew's next 5 part film series, "Powell to Powell," starting April 23rd. Our journey last summer is told in 5 short films. EP1: “Complicating the Divide” examines transbasin diversions. EP2: “Profit and Play” explores recreation. EP3: “The Desert Blooms” looks at the booming fracking industry and agriculture. EP4: “Confluence” ponders solutions to the Colorado’s myriad problems. EP5: “A New Way Downstream” shows our solar-powered voyage across Lake Powell.=

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The Powell to Powell  film series is presented by the State of the Rockies Project ( and the Marine Ventures Foundation (, with support from NRS.

The last episode will be released on May 24, along with a featured Canoe & Kayak article.