Best Paddling Towns: Charleston, South Carolina

North America's Best Paddling Towns

Seth Cantley. Photo: Ben Gately;

Seth Cantley. Photo: Ben Gately;

"The cool thing about Charleston (pop. 128,000) is it's so engrossed with water, not just physically but in the way people here see it and use it. There's an incredible mix: You've got the harbor, absolutely beautiful, choppy sometimes, but with good battery wall protection to keep the rough water out; you've got good beaches, intracoastal waterways, and great creeks. You can go watch the sun rise over one of the oldest cities in America and then paddle deep creeks and marshes to watch alligators and birds. But really, the best view of the city is from the battery, on the water. Don't pay $300 to see it on a sailboat; paddle out to see these beautiful old Civil War forts, pre-colonial homes, and an active fishing industry for yourself." -- Seth Cantley is an adaptive paddling instructor and adaptive athlete who launched a 130-mile SUP expedition on South Carolina's Broad River in 2012.


This story will appear in the June 2015 issue of Canoe & Kayak.