C&K staffer Michael Gordon recently ran into Bam Margera of MTV’s popular television series “Jackass,” in Iceland of all places, and couldn’t help but ask him about his most recent stunt with pro kayaker Steve Fisher: Hucking himself off Oregon’s 88-foot Metlako Falls (You can measure it as 82, 88, or 101 feet, depending where on the lip you measure from) in the front seat of a Jackson Dynamic Duo.

You’ve probably seen the video—it’s gone viral at over 329,346 views—but if you haven’t, watch it below. Margera got ejected from the boat—”as expected…he’s never kayaked before,” says Fisher— but despite internet rumors, he was not immediately rushed to the hospital; he had surgery on a ruptured hernia the next day. Either way, “It’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever done,” Margera says. And that’s coming from a professional stuntman.