By Tyler Williams

John Wesley Powell’s

The Exploration of the Colorado River and its Canyons

You gotta have it if you’re going down the Grand. Perhaps the greatest first descent ever done, and the best river adventure narrative ever published. Track your progress with Powell’s descriptions from 146 years ago.

Larry Stevens’s

The Colorado River in Grand Canyon

This long awaited revision delivered. The layout is clean, and there is tons of information on plants, animals, history, and all things Canyon. The mile by mile map is pretty good too.

Stephen Whitney’s

Field Guide to the Grand Canyon

Great illustrations and a simple format make it easy to identify those lizards and desert plants.

Christa Sadler’s

There’s This River

This compilation of stories from Canyon boatmen includes some classics. If you’re looking for campfire reading, look no further.

Wayne Ranney’s

Carving Grand Canyon

You should have some background in geology before embarking on this tome. If you do, you’ll appreciate Ranney’s reasoned theories and learn plenty that they didn’t teach you back at the U.

–Tyler Williams is the author of Grand Canyon River Hikes. If you want to know which hikes to do on your river trip, this is your book. Is it a wet hike or dry? Scary climb or easy stroll? The book is newly revised for this season.

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