By Tim Mutrie
Published: January 13, 2011

Rowan Gloag and the Vancouver-based Hurriance Riders crew just dropped another video--The Hurricane Riders: October Sessions. Here’s the skinny: “This is a chill movie of us surfing sea kayaks near Tofino [British Columbia]. The waves were a little small on this trip so we played around with back surfing, bow stalls, front loops, surfing down the line and cork screw flips over the crest--most of which ended with a roll. Enjoy.”

When the last THR video rolled out (find additional THR here), we asked Gloag a few questions, but his answers never made their way into the piece. Dig now, then, some further THR backstory:

Rowan Gloag: “Why do we continue to paddle in the winter? I guess it comes down to two things: 1. We have the right gear. 2. The paddling work season is finally slowing down so we now have time to play.”

“We did take [whitewater] and surf boats for years. But we’ve all migrated into long boats now. The rides are unreal.”