By Jeff Moag

On our second day at the Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium, we decided to play in the garden with two of the big boys of sea paddling, GGSKS organizer Sean Morley and Roger Schumann, who wrote the book on this section of California coast.

In such situations, it’s good to have a strong and bold paddler along to try the hard moves first. Local sea kayaker Elliott Barlas filled the role admirably, and we made this short film about him exploring the caves, arches and pour-overs around Pt. Bonita, just outside the Golden Gate.

We spent our first day at the Golden Gate gathering following Allison Thompson as she gently stretched her limits on the Yellow Bluff tidal race. Today, we stand back as Elliott tests his skills in surging surf and narrow paddle-throughs fringed with razor-sharp barnacles.

How did he make out? Watch and see.

If you enjoyed this video, check out Symposium Session Episode One: Tide Racing.

sea kayak symposium

Photo by Aaron Schmidt

sea kayak symposium

Sean Morley paddles through the arch beneath the Pt. Bonita lighthouse. Photo by Aaron Schmidt.