SEATTLE — Gig Harbor, Wash., is within an hour’s drive from Green Lake, the site of the 2012 U.S. Sprint National Championships. But the Gig Harbor Canoe/Kayak Racing Team felt right at home as they won their first National Championship Team Title. The host club, Seattle Canoe & Kayak Club, finished fourth in the team points rankings.

Ryan Dolan and his fellow Hawaiian paddlers led the way in Men’s Kayak. Dolan won the K-1 200m and 500m finals and then partnered with Shawn Kahookele to win the K-2 200-meter race. Dolan and Kahookele joined forces with Patrick Dolan and Kaihe Chong to win the K-4 1000 event. Morgan House (LCKC) won the K-1 1000m and then teamed up with Chris Miller (LCKC) to win the K-2 500m and 1000m distances. Twenty years after his final Olympic Games, four-time Olympic medalist Greg Barton (SCKC) won the 5000m event, outlasting the 22-year-old Ryan Dolan.

When Maggie Hogan (SDCKC) and Kaitlyn McElroy (OKCRS) weren’t teaming up to win National Championship titles in Women’s Kayak, they were battling each other for them. Together, they won each K-2 race. Hogan and McElroy finished first and second, respectively, in each K-1 event. The LCKC foursome of Alexandra McLain, Sheila Paul, Macy Dwyer and Cannie Ash won K-4 500m final.

Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club paddlers dominated the Men’s Canoe events, winning seven of eight Senior races. Ian Ross won the C-1 500m, 1000m and 5000m finals, while David Aldrich (CCKRT) won the 200m distance. Robert Finlayson, Ben Hefner and LCKC Coach Cladiu Ciur combined with Ross to win the C-2 and C-4 events.

In Women’s Canoe, Rachel Marcuson (SDCKT) won seven of eight Senior events. Marcuson and teammate Opal Theodossi placed second in C-2 200m behind Angela Wang and Anna Socha (SCKC).

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2012 U.S. Sprint National Championships (Click HERE for full results)

Final Team Rankings:
1. Gig Harbor Canoe/Kayak Racing Team (GHCKT)             835.5
2. San Diego Canoe & Kayak Team (SDCKT)                     586.25
3. Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club (LCKC)                                535.75
4. Seattle Canoe & Kayak Club (SCKC)                              469.5
5. Cascade Canoe & Kayak Racing Team (CCKRT)             265.25
6. OKC RIVERSPORT (OKCRS)                                        231.25
7. Hawaii Canoe & Kayak Team (HCKT)                             177
8. Washington Canoe Club (WCC)                                       70.5