Rowan Gloag of the British Columbia-based Hurricane Riders crew—a group of hard-charging sea kayakers from the Vancouver area who have a recurring habit of surfing sea kayaks in places where sea kayaks rarely venture and of always returning with the footage to prove it—recently checked in with C&K from his new digs on Vancouver Island.

“All is well up here. I just moved to Victoria to enjoy the winter surf sessions at Jordan River. So far so good,” Gloag wrote. “Here’s a little vid of me getting a good little trashing last week. We’ll be heading out again Thursday. It’s cold, but worth it.”

Gloag, a fixture of sea kayak surfing at B.C.’s famed Skookumchuck Narrows tidal rapid, is on a mission to improve his “sea boat” surfing skills. “Skook has taught me a lot and I want to try to pull off some new stuff with a shore break. Jordan River has been pretty sweet this year … so far,” he said, though admitting his nose is still full of water after this wave. CLICK HERE to read and to see more video on the Hurricane Riders.