We recently caught up with Marty Perry of the Vancouver-based Hurricane Riders sea kayak crew to find out more about its new four-part series titled, The push. Our questions for Marty: What was the impetus for the series, where did you shoot it, and what exactly is involved in a new ‘recruit’ earning their THR stripes? Multiple wave beatdown? Also, after seeing the first two installments below, when will there be more?

Perry: OK, so The push series was a result of a three-day trip in Tofino, B.C. this February. We rented a house in town, partied a bit and surfed our brains out. We invited Kate Hives, Costain Léonard and Nick Castro to our crew during this session. They were so pumped on being new THRs that the cameras were rolling the whole time. We’d get up at 4:45 a.m. to set-up time lapse in trees and catch the first sun rays on the surf.

Kate is a well known whitewater kayaker here in B.C. and in Ontario. Costain is also a Ottawa whitewater paddler, 6’5″ and heavy enough to lower the suspension of his truck when he pops in. Nick is from France and a devoted sea kayaker (he runs and operate Active Sea Kayaking, a kayaking school). We since added Bram Rutherford, Jack Mckillop and James Manke to our crew which brings us up to 12 paddlers now. We do not expect any new crews for the next few years.

The push series is basically a practice run for our dream project, think the “Inga Project” on the ocean, choppers, first generation wave surfing in Tofino, Cox Bay, filming and rapelling off huge cliffs, Montéal’s Lachine rapid Class IV section, iceberg seal launches in Labrador, the list goes on. We want to make our first production film within the next three years. The skills are there, the crew is solid and we trust each other.

I edited The push series 1-4, and Rowan Gloag might be adding a The push 5 to it. We’ve never been more energized on paddling big ocean but at the same token it’s nearly impossible to film out there in the open sea from our boats, we need helicopters for that … so we’re looking for money.

— Stay tuned to CanoeKayak.com for episodes 3 and 4.

The push 1

The push 2