Guinness Record

2,099 boats gather at Suttons Bay Floatilla Aug. 31. Flying Still Photography

It’s official. History’s largest conglomeration of canoes and kayaks became a Guinness Record last Aug. 31 at the Suttons Bay Floatilla 2013 in Michigan. Guinness, which keeps track of such things, certified the record on Wednesday, reports the Michigan news site

Floatilla manifested itself as a multicolored blob of 2,099 canoes and kayaks, eclipsing the previous mark of 1,902 boats set on New York’s Fourth Lake in September, 2011.

According to the Guinness rules, the flotilla had to be a contiguous floating raft of touching kayaks and canoes held together for at least 30 seconds. Guinness verified the count using aerial photos. What’s the point, you ask? The event raised $50,000 for Suttons Bay Public Schools.