The Canoe & Kayak team captures an introductory kayak adventure in the golden Pacific backwaters of coastal Southern California to spell out everything that a first-time paddler needs to know in order to launch a flatwater paddling trip of his or her own.

Once you’ve picked the right type of touring kayak (Click HERE to watch Episode 1: Make Your Pick), and learned how to load and secure your boat to your car for transport (in Episode 2), plus the finer points of launching your kayak (in Episode 3), it’s time to get moving. Episode Four covers paddle orientation, seating posture, stroke positioning, control-hand mechanics, torso rotation and the best steering strokes to keep you moving in the right direction.


— Stay tuned for Episode 5: Keeping it Safe, the final video in Pelican Kayaks’ Need to Know series, debuting Tues. May 30.