Remember our Fall and Rise story that came out last June? It documents two of the world’s most promising young kayakers—Tyler Bradt and Jason Craig—breaking their backs running large waterfalls on March 20, 2011.

According to Bradt, you can’t label any event good or bad because you never know what may come of it. While healing, Bradt missed the chance to complete the Ellesmere circumnavigation with Turk and Boomer, which left Bradt free for another historic paddling expedition: the Congo. Following that intense adventure, Bradt jumped on another trip with Boomer and Sarah McNair Landry crossing the Sea of Cortez in Triak sailing kayaks.

It was during this trip in Mexico that Bradt met the Wizard’s Eye.

In March of 2013, the sailboat Wizard's Eye will sail quietly out of the Bay of La Paz, Mexico and begin a journey across the planet's largest ocean, the Pacific. Led by Tyler Bradt, the Wizard's Eye crew will point the bow toward New Zealand, kicking off a five-year-long circumnavigation of the globe combining modern-day action sports with time-honored exploration. Their goal: to explore the limits of what's humanly possibly while exploring the farthest reaches of the planet.

"I've been to a lot of places, and I've gotten to know myself and my limits over the years," says Bradt in the teaser. "And I'm still in the midst of exploring those limits and figuring out what's possible for me. This trip is an expedition to literally sail into the unknown."

Sponsored by KAVU, NRS, VOKE Tab, Goal Zero, Dagger Kayaks, Smith Optics, and Go PRO, the Wizard's Eye Expedition will take Bradt and crew to some of the world's most beautiful, remote and severe locations. Whitewater kayaking, surfing, kite boarding, mountaineering, deep sea diving and BASE jumping are just some of the activities they'll pursue along the way.

The first stop for the Wizard's Eye will be the Tuamotu Islands, in the South Pacific, one of the most remote places on Earth. From there, Bradt and crew will continue to New Zealand where they will wait out the winter storms. At every stop, they will seek out the most exciting and challenging action sports adventures. The bi-weekly web series, which will be distributed via Vimeo and social media, will document these adventures.

"This is the kind of voyage that everyone dreams of taking, but almost no one does," says Mark Deming, NRS Marketing Communications. "Tyler is one of those rare people with the energy, determination and skill to actually make it happen. His enthusiasm for adventure is unmatched, and this series is going to make it contagious."