This beautiful, 8-minute film follows Freya Fennwood on her journey from growing up as the daughter of Pygmy Kayaks founder John Lockwood to her victory at the 30th anniversary of Greenland’s National Kayaking Championships. Fennwood is the namesake for Pygmy’s new 3-part, breakdown Freya kayak, which Lockwood designed specifically for the competition. Starting with practice on the mountain lakes of the Pacific Northwest, Fennwood mastered over 30 of the rolls used in the competition, including hand rolls and difficult rolls where a brick is used instead of a paddle. The result was the highest score of any male or female in the competition and the second-highest female score ever behind another Freya, Freya Hoffmeister, who recently circumnavigated South America. Ever humble, Fennwood expresses gratitude for the opportunity to visit Greenland, the birthplace of kayaking, and to participate in a competition that has helped keep traditional kayaking skills alive.

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