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At one of Derek Jeter’s final games in Tampa Bay on Tuesday, the Rays honored the all-star shortstop with a pinstriped sea kayak. The Rays management spared no expense on the Jeter kayak, purchasing an Epic 18x, a high-performance touring boat that retails for nearly $4,000. The boat was custom painted with the Yankees pinstripes, logo and the number 2, which Jeter wore for 20 seasons with the Yankee’s organization.

Niceties wore off later in the game when Jeter was hit in the hand with a pitch. No punches were thrown, but the benches cleared.

USA Today’s Mike Foss wrote, “A kayak doesn't seem like all that great of a gift,” suggesting the argument may have been triggered not by the errant fastball but from their poor choice parting token. But an 18x seems like a big step up from the standup paddle board the Angles gave Jeter last May.

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