top sea kayaking trips

Whether you want to cavort with whales, swim with seals or sip a margarita while watching the sun set from a secluded beach, Baja California boasts some of the best warm-water and warm-weather sea kayaking to be found on the planet. Food can be easily procured from the sea, the weather is cooperative and views from the cockpit are as tranquil as the water. Hot spots include Espiritu Santo, Loreto’s Gulf Islands, and Bahía Concepción, Los Angeles and Las Animas on the Sea of Cortez side; and San Quentin, Lagunas Ojo de Liebre and San Ignacio, and Bahia Magdalena on the Pacific. If it’s 40-ton California gray whales you’re after, head to the latter; they end their 5,000-mile-long migration from the Bering Sea there every January. Outfitters: Baja Expeditions, (800) 843-6967; Adventures Baja, (800) 231-7422.