Marty Perry from The Hurricane Riders, a Vancouver, B.C.-based crew of sea kayak instructors and longboat limit-pushing paddlers at large, checks in with C&K on the team’s latest film project to share with the ocean kayaking world brought back from the storied tidal narrows at Skookumchuck.

C&K: Was this an R&D trip or what?
Marty Perry: This was a usual trip to the Skook wave and we had committed ourselves to do an end-all THR Skook vid since we made so many on that wave.

Is that a new or custom version of the Sterling Kayaks’ Reflection with the side-bite fins on the hull bottoms?
The new surf fins were definitely being tested there, they have a great use on surf break, but Rowan Gloag and Costain Léonard were trying to get new results with them on a standing wave.

Does that make any difference performance-wise on the wave?
Combined with the Sterling kayak center “Skeel,” the fins add more bite to carves and sharper more abrupt turns. Still more innovations coming out in the future with Cobra 3000 bow surf fins.

What’s the crew up to next? Planning to host another Classifieds-style competition/event?
The Skook Classifieds were a hit and the idea was to take it anywhere: the Arctic, West Coast surf breaks, you name it. Canada has three coastlines and we intend to explore them THR style. The next Hurricane Rider project that I’m initiating is a Labrador, Canada surfxpedition/film project north of Hamilton Bay in late spring 2015 in order to catch some good storms and maybe catch some gnarly rapids in the epic Mars-like Fraser Canyon, near Nain.

Perry, at Skookumchuck Narrows off British Columbia's Sunshine Coast.

Perry, at Skookumchuck Narrows off British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast.

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