Check out Mountain Mind Collective‘s latest Quick Flick, Adventures through Aialik, capturing the sights and sounds of sea kayak tour through Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park. We caught up with MMC’s Todd Wells to get a little background on the trip.

Camping on the Kenai. Photo: Todd Wells.

Camping on the Kenai. Photo: Todd Wells.

So what were the logistics of getting out there for this trip?

TODD WELLS: From Seward, Alaska, we got on a water taxi and spent about three hours getting out past Resurrection Bay then back up Aialik Bay, the adjacent fjord to the Southwest. It dropped us at Slate Beach where we began our three-day sea kayaking trip to McMullen Cove. Over the course of the relaxed 20-mile trip we visited three different glaciers (Aialik, Pederson, and Holgate), spending one night at the Holgate Public Use Cabin and another camped out in McMullen Cove. The wildlife and scenery over the duration of the trip was out of this world!

Seems like a change of pace, paddling flatwater. What did you get out of this trip that you don't on a whitewater expedition?
This year I started doing day-long sea kayak tours in Aialik Bay with Alaska Wildland Adventures, and as soon as I did, I knew that I had to get back out there for a multi-day paddling trip. Sea kayaking is definitely a different experience than whitewater paddling, and though the adrenaline isn’t pumping quite as fast the experience is just as radical. Throughout the trip, the scenery was absolutely spectacular, but the marine wildlife of Aialik was really what drew me in. Being able to paddle intimately with seals and sea otters with the opportunity to watch porpoises, orcas, humpbacks is pretty remarkable.

Did anything surprise you seeing the peninsula from a silent kayak?
Yeah being in a kayak verses a motorized boat definitely changes the way one experiences the environment. For me, though, it wasn’t as much about what I could see, but rather what I could hear. From our kayaks we could listen to the puffins calling from their rookeries, the seals playfully barking back and forth at one another, and the glaciers roaring as they advanced down toward the ocean.

What can we expect next from Mountain Mind?
For our next video we will still be in Alaska, but this time we’ll be back to whitewater again … Any guesses about the river?

Paige Stevenson paddling in Aialik Bay.  Photo: Todd Wells.

Paige Stevenson paddling in Aialik Bay. Photo: Todd Wells.

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