Shane Benedict, Liquid Logic Mullet

Shane Benedict of Liquidlogic takes the new Mullet for a spin // Screengrab.

Liquidlogic is bringing old-school downriver play boating back to the limelight with their recent designs, the Mullet and the Braaap. These boats combine squashed sterns with puffed-up bows, which provide downriver capability but still allow ample room for play boating and tricks. Their designs take us back to days when whitewater paddlers had more to choose from than just spud-like park-and-play machines or tank-like creek boats.

Of course, LL’s new designs aren’t the only boats that can get this done. The Dagger Axiom fills a similar niche in the market and you can always scan Craigslist for deals on a used Dagger RPM. Or just dust off that sweet old school play boat from the late 1990s that’s been collecting dust in your garage for a few years.

However you decide to get out there, these tech-tips from Shane will open a whole new world of playfulness on your favorite river, a world that is filled with stern squirts, enders, slalom-style eddy turns, and good times.

Pivot Turns

Stern Squirts

Stern Squirt to Pirrouette

Get Funky

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