Everyone wants to have fun on the water. The important thing to remember is staying safe while having fun. Canoe & Kayak teamed up with the U.S. Coast Guard to develop the following series on water-safety skills and tips to ensure your paddling adventures stay fun and danger-free.

Download A Beginner's Guide to Safer Paddling, our comprehensive safety pamphlet developed in partnership with the Water Sports Foundation and U.S.C.G.

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Episode 4 in our ‘Paddling Accidents’ series with the U.S. Coast Guard

Maui, Hawaii

Episode 3 in our ‘Paddling Accidents’ series with the U.S. Coast Guard

Dungeness Spit, Washington

Episode 2 in our ‘Paddling Accidents’ series with the U.S. Coast Guard

Laguna Beach, CA

Episode 1 in our ‘Paddling Accidents’ series with the U.S. Coast Guard

KEEP KAYAK FISHING SAFE: Dress for Immersion

Episode 2 in our series with the U.S. Coast Guard


Episode 1 in our series with the U.S. Coast Guard: Always wear your life jacket

When should you replace your PFD?

Life jackets have finite lives. Know when yours is worn out.

Why are deaths in paddle sports increasing?

A disturbing trend has manifested in paddle sports: More people seem to be dying while doing them than ever before.

Safer Paddling Episode 1: Life Jackets

ACA-certified instructors Kate Ross Kuthe and Paul Kuthe show you how to choose and fit your most important piece of paddling gear – your life jacket.

Safer Paddling Episode 2: What to Wear

Kate and Paul show you how to dress for a safe and comfortable paddling day on the water.

Safer Paddling Episode 3: Essential Gear

Kate and Paul share a simple checklist that every experienced kayaker runs through every time they go paddling.

Safer Paddling Episode 4: Basic Strokes

Paul and Kate demonstrate the three essential kayak strokes.

Safer Paddling Episode 5: Plan Your Trip

Paul and Kate show how to plan a safe and fun day on the water.

Safer Paddling Episode 6: Traffic Rules for Paddlers

In Episode 6 of our Safer Paddling Series, kayak instructors Paul and Kate Kuthe show you how to safely share the water with other boats.

Safer Paddling Episode 7: What if I Flip?

In Episode 7 of our Safer Paddling Series, kayak instructors Paul and Kate Kuthe show you how to get back in your kayak if you capsize or fall out.

Safer Paddling Episode 8: Calling for Help

In the first seven episodes of our Safer Paddling Series we discussed how to be safe and have fun. Our final installment shows you how to call for help if you get into trouble.

Message from the Coast Guard: Put a sticker on it

Don’t leave these guys hanging

How To…Avoid Getting Run Over By a Boat

Making sure the bigger boats know you're there

Dress for Immersion

Always dress for the WATER temperature

The River Doesn't Love You

Suit up for cold water. Your life depends on it.

“Wear Your PFD,” Sea Kayak ‘Elitists’ Urge

ACA instructor Jeff Herman wants to save your life.

The Shark Survivors Club

Nobody wants to join, but it's better than the alternative

Safety First, Then Paddle

10 tips for stand up paddleboarding safely

SUP Safety Basics

Having fun is important, but doing it safely should be priority one.

Spreading SUP Safety with the Academy of SUP Instruction

As standup paddling has exploded in popularity, the number of new enthusiasts and instructors eager to teach has also grown.

Rules of the Road

When paddling down a major river or by the bay, knowing how to interact with the ships can be confusing and downright scary. The Rules of the Road insight into how people in all vessels can share the waterways safely.

Mayday Mayday Mayday

Things don't always go as planned. In the event that a day of fun and adventure takes a turn for the worse, having an emergency signal kit and knowing how to use a marine-band radio can keep a bad situation from turning into a dangerous one.

New York Paddlesport Safety

Here are a few very important notes to ensure a safe time on the water.

Help the Coast Guard Help You

Here are some tips to remain calm and make rescue easy and quick.

Learning the ropes, with Jim Coffey

Episode 4: Rescue for River Runners

Safe Swimming

Episode 3: Rescue for River Runners

Tip Sheet

Tricks of the trade to increase your enjoyment on the water

Identifying Quality LED Lights For Kayaks

Installing LED light strips on kayaks is a growing trend.

Jim Sammons Says, No PFD, No Publicity

Wear your PFD, or stay out of the spotlight. 

Caught On Film: Testing The MTI Helios Inflatable PFD

You've always wondered what would happen if you pulled the yellow trigger tab on an inflatable PFD, haven't you?

Cooler: The Extrasport Eon Angler PFD

Cool is a rule. At least it should be.

Skills: Flip Rescue with Nikki Gregg

Standup paddling is pure fun. That is, until it isn’t, when someone gets injured or finds themselves in an emergency situation.