NOLS River Rescue Guide.

NOLS River Rescue Guide.

Make room in your ammo can or drybag…there's a new river rescue guide out to add to your library by Swiftwater Rescue Level 5 and Rescue 3 International Water Rescue Instructor Trainer Educator Nate Ostis and NOLS. Published by Stackpole Books, the book is a hands-on how-to guide of river safety, rescue and recovery techniques for all who work, play, guide and teach on the water. Inside is practical advice for identifying and responding to risks on the water; information on essential equipment and safety skills; and more than 230 helpful photos and illustrations to get the message across. It also captures and quantifies the essence of advanced critical thinking for the rescuer in river rescue incidents, with state of the art coverage of new river rescue techniques. It places an emphasis on prevention as a critical leadership skill and underpins the basis of rescue teams’ success.

"If you don’t have Nate Ostis along on your trip, pack his book in your ammo can.” — Les Bechdel, author of River Rescue and founder of Canyons Inc

Plus, it has impeccable bona fides in NOLS' backing and Ostis's river resume.

"It's authorized, developed, and vetted by the trusted name in outdoor leadership," says ACA Instructor Trainer Educator Ben Morton, founder of Precision Paddlesports. "Nate draws from his 20-plus years of experience working on the river to share his invaluable insight. He's also sought out the input of seasoned and renowned river professionals, whose years of experience, countless rescue courses, constant reflection on current practices, and a continuous drive to share this information has led to an amazing new resource.”

Ostis, a senior field instructor for NOLS and the founder of Wilderness Rescue International who lives in McCall, Idaho, began running rivers in 1988 and never stopped. All this, combined with his coursework in river safety, has resulted in a veritable bible of boating safety.

Nate Ostis, author of the NOLS River Rescue Guide.

Nate Ostis, author of the NOLS River Rescue Guide.

"It comes at the subject of river rescue in a scholarly, organized and effective manner," says Les Bechdel, author of River Rescue and founder of Canyons Inc. "Rescue is an undeniable part of whitewater. NOLS River Rescue Guide prepares readers for that moment in time when their actions will be required;  whether it's a simple rope throw or life-saving entrapment rescue. Any river runner, amateur or professional, should study it cover to cover."

"If you don’t have Nate Ostis along on your trip," he adds, "pack his book in your ammo can.”

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