[Eds note: This story has been updated from the post published on May 4]

Last Friday, C&K contributing photographer Darin McQuoid captured this image of Will Pruett on Dogtown Creek. More easily drawn to high-water runs on the South Yuba, McQuoid, Pruett and Justin Patt committed to an exploratory mission on the low-water creek tributary of the Upper Middle Cosumnes River outside of Placerville, Calif., after seeing a picture of a waterfall online.

“Starting in true, classic California style with a 2 p.m. start, and a smooth, pothole boof to waterfall, the team was ecstatic,” McQuoid said. “Unfortunately, after only a quarter-mile of good whitewater, the creek turned character.” After hours of log-dodging and rock-bashing, the group reached the takeout vowing only to return to the falls on Dogtown Creek as a hike-and-huck.

It was McQuoid’s second Northern California hike-and-huck mission on a rarely run stretch in as many weeks, also scoring a first descent on Deadwood Creek followed by a second descent on Slate Creek (stayed tuned to Canoe & Kayak to read the story, and see McQuoid’s shot).