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Photo coverage of this weekend's Little White Salmon Race

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Check out this year's Little White Salmon Race through the eyes of spectators and supporters tagging their Instagram event photos to #LittleWhiteRace above. Watch highlights from the race.

Paddlers gather in the parking lot at the put-in before Saturday’s race. Photo: Paul Bikis

Kyle Hull laying some treats off of Big Brother on the White Salmon River during Day 1 of competition. Photo: Jasper Gibson

Spectators watch as boaters go down the final section of the White Salmon. Photo: Paul Bikis


Watch highlights and see the athletes, up close and personal, in the debut of Mountain Mind Collective’s latest Faces of Whitewater installment that chronicles two days of racing Friday and Saturday on the Little White Salmon.

An unknown paddler boofing Boulder Sluice, one of the many rapids during the main event, the Little White Downriver race. Photo: Jasper Gibson

“It was no surprise to see Gerd (Serrasolses) take first place,” says Mountain Mind Collective’s Todd Wells, who also raced in the event. “He is a beast in his kayak and has certainly been training harder than anyone else this season. He definitely deserved the win.

Adam Edwards from Portland, Ore., paddles a rocky section on the Little White Salmon. Photo: Paul Bikis

“Rush (Sturges) trained hard all spring to secure his second place finish behind Gerd, and Dane, well he’s Dane Jackson,” Wells added. “It was kinda sad to see this non-local take third, but that kid performs on a whole different level. I was stoked to have him out here this spring and stoked that he did so well in the races. Everyone did well out there and we all had a fun time, which is what this event is really all about.”

It is a media frenzy! Spectators watch as Dane Jackson paddles off Boulder Sluice rapid on the Little White. Photo: Paul Bikis

Men’s Downriver -- 1. Gerd Serrasolses, 16.07, 2. Rush Sturges, 16:21, 3. Dane Jackson, 16:25, 4. Isaac Levinson, 16:30, 5. Todd Wells, 16:43, 6. Kyle Hull 16:44, 7. Alec Voorhees, 17:01, 8. Ivan Kozlachkov, 17:10, 9. Palo Andrassy, 17:15, 10. Galen Volckhausen, Todd Anderson (tie), 15:40.
Women’s Downriver -- 1. Kim Russell, 19:37.
Men’s Time Trial -- 1. Gerd Serrasolses, 4:11, 2. Dane Jackson, 4:17, 3. Todd Wells, 4:18, 4. Rush Sturges, 4:19, 5. Kyle Hull, 4:21, 6. Alec Voorhees, 4:26, 7. Max Blackburn, 4:33, 8. Galen Volckhausen, 4:34, 9. Quinn Connell, David Spiegel (tie) 4:36.
Men’s Slalom -- 1. Alec Voorhees, 50:33, 2. Rush Sturges, 50.97, 3. Dane Jackson, 51:46, 4. David Spiegel, 51:72, 5. Gerd Serrasolses, 51:75, 6. Quinn Connell, 52:21, 7. Max Blackburn, 53: 82, 8. Kyle Hull, 54:51, 9. Will Grubb, 55:72, 10. Todd Wells, 55:83.
Overall Combined Standings (Time Trial + Slalom + LW Downriver) -- 1. Gerd Serrassolses, 2. Rush Sturges, 3. Dane Jackson, 4. Isaac Levinson, 5. Todd Wells, 6. Alec Voorhees.

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The Winners! Photo: Japser Gibson