Great Falls of the Potomac

After finishing the 2012 Great Falls Race on the Virginia section of rapids, Joe Potoczak (top) and Cliff Mailloux (bottom right) decided to make one last run of the falls before calling it a day. We ferried over to the Maryland side of the falls, where I set up just below the rapid known as Horseshoe. I took the shot as the two paddlers made the difficult ascent to run Pummel Falls, which you can see in the lower left corner. I edited the photos from the race but never looked at any of the shots at the end of the day. A few months later I was looking through files and re-discovered this one. I started submitting it to contests and publications where it has brought me great success. It won the 2013 National Paddling Film Festival Still Image Competition, was included in C&K 2013 Photo Annual, and Shane Benedict chose it as part of the Legacy Paddlesports' Fine Art Collection, where it hangs in the offices of Liquidlogic. —Regina Nicolardi

Regina Nicolardi is photographer from eastern Pennsylvania specializing in outdoor adventure and concert photography. Her work has been featured in National Geographic Magazine, C&K and the Dirtbag's Guide to Whitewater. She has been paddling and photographing whitewater for five years.


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