With winter here, a lot of us are facing more indoor time than usual. While you’re road tripping and sitting through Christmas movie marathons, Instagram is one way to stay in touch with the river. Here are a few of my favorites feeds from the whitewater community:

1. @PeterHolcombe
Peter's amazing photos of his family’s world travels never cease to impress. They make me yearn for wild places, and keep me grateful for so many opportunities to get outside.

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2. @PatKeller1
Of course Pat makes this list. If you like memes and the cutting edge of whitewater kayaking, look no further.

3. @Bren.Orton

"Happy ginger dude" says his profile. Happy-go-lucky photos of someone traveling the world and enjoying every moment of it.

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4. @Wild.Streak

A group of bada$$ women raising awareness about girls in the outdoors, and raising money to help girl-focused programs thrive. These ladies have a passion for the outdoors–and paddling.

5. @ChrisGragtmans

Chris's account showcases his eclectic interests, but his Instagram stream always flows back to kayaking.

5. @Sarahr_c1

Sarah loves kayaking, taking pictures, and "living profoundly.” She never ceases to inspire me.

6. @AniolSerrasolses

Want to quit your day job and try to find a way to travel the world? Here’s some inspiration. Aniol's feed of gorgeous places might have you drooling on your phone.

7. @AnnaCLevesque

Anna's balance of yoga, kayaking, and play remind me to slow down and enjoy the times I can't boat. A lot of her feed’s photos are by @scottmartinimages, another great paddling photographer.

And of course, here’s a shameless shout out to my Instagram, mostly pictures of boats, bikes, and my dog.

Happy browsing!

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