Photos by Reid Morth

The Little White Salmon Race held last Sunday, June 3, on Washington state’s notoriously awesome “Little White” was the first of six events in the Association of Whitewater Professionals’ Whitewater World Series, an international six-stage point series of rotating events, founded in 2010 by Canadian pro kayaker Patrick Camblin and overseen by an international board of five members. Thanks to event organization from World Class Kayak Academy and the program’s executive director, Capo Rettig, plus a slew of volunteers, Sunday’s race had 54 racers competing, seven of which swam, in a unique dual-racer format where times were clocked once both teammates completed the course. Due to the high volume of racers, officials even expanded the course to stretch from “Getting Busy” to “Wishbone”, making the race course include Island Drop for the very first time in the event’s history. Isaac Levinson, who finished No. 2 in the inaugural 2011 series' final world ranking, behind France's Eric Deguil, and Evan Garcia secured the win.

2012 Little White Salmon Race Results
1. Evan Garcia and Isaac Levinson 14 min 58 sec
2. Lane Jacobs and Darren Albright / Louis Geltman and Jure Poberaj 15 min14 sec (Tie)
3. Rush Sturges and Todd Anderson 15 min 16 sec
4. Geoff Calhoun and Ben Luck 15 min 51 sec
5. Erik Johnson and Kyle Hull 15 min 52 sec
6. Jakub Nemec and Andrew McEwan 16 min 6 sec
7. Bradly Lauder and Will Martin 16 min 7 sec
8. Brendan Wells and William Griff Griffith / Tyler Bradt and Dan Simnec 16 min 9 sec
9. Drew Austell and Trevor Sheean 16 min 18 sec
10. Ben Hawthorne and Mike Gottlieb 16 min 42 sec
11. John McConville and Andy McMurray 16 min 51 sec
12. LJ Groth and Max Blackburn 16 min 53 sec
13. Erik Parker and Fred Norquist 17 min 4 sec
14. Dylan Thomson and Ryan Lucas 17 min 5 sec
15. Dan Rubado and Dan Dellwo 17 min 10 sec
16. Peter Thomson and Mikkel St. Jean-Duncan 17 min 13 sec
17. Tyler Houk and Lance Reif / Seth Swallan and Miguel Shields / Scott Waidelich and Ryan Scott (3-way Tie), 17 min 17 sec
18. Ben Kinsella and Zach Fraysier 17 min 36 sec
19. Abe Herrera and Stephen Cameron 17 min 49 sec
20. Orion Meredith and Nico Peha 18 min 9 sec
21. Katrina Van Wigk and Brandon 18 min 34 sec

2011 AWP Whitewater World Series from Tribe Alliance on Vimeo.