From the Gallery: Lower Lewis River Falls

Upside, downside: One drop from two angles

Aniol Serrasolses running Lower Lewis Falls on the Lewis River, WA. Photo by Jasper Gibson


Aniol running Lower Lewis Falls for the 4th time in one session. This photo ran in the C&K Photo Annual, our December 2014 issue. Photo by Jasper Gibson

“The Serrasolses brothers are a tenacious duo who strive for excellence in their paddling,” says photographer Jasper Gibson. “So when Aniol Serrasoles wasn’t content with his first run down Washington’s Lower Lewis Falls this summer, he fired it up three or four times, striving for the perfect line.

“It was great for me as a photographer because I was able to switch up the angle a few times and get some of my favorite photos from the summer.

“Those falls are stunning and a ton of fun to shoot. Likewise, the Serrasolses bros are some of the most enjoyable people to be around. They are always stoked on life and have a genuine love for the sport of kayaking.”

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