8 Shuttle Rig Pictures You Won’t Believe

Shuttle innovation from C&K readers

We already knew paddlers were a tenacious bunch, determined to get their boats to the water by any means necessary. But when we posted our boat hauling advice for small car owners last week, we were blown away by the shuttle rig photos C&K readers submitted to our Facebook feed. Here are eight of our favorites:

1. Smart car, smart idea?

Courtesy Steven Hunter

2. Wide load. Now we’d just like to see a paddler for each of these boats in the car too.

“How it gets done…” — Tim Schramm

3. Triple decker.


Courtesy Norm Stewart.

4. Evel Knflatable.

“Rack schmack. Innova Helios tandem IK on my ’80 CB900C, with room for my co-pilot.” –Curt Hough


5. No roof? No problem.

“It’s a Miata. With a trailer hitch. Ya, mon!” — Alltaf Nafnlaus

6. Minimal car, maximal fun.

“Our kayaks are way easier to deal with on my mini than on our SUV!” –Marianne Evenhuis

7. Got rack extenders?

“Extension ladders work great for extra stability when transporting 14 and 17.5 foot sea kayaks” — Tim Schramm.

8. Peace Out.

Jeff Herman and his kayak fishing Vespa, somewhere in Texas

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