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Not for the faint of heart, Stakeout is the pilgrimage of the world’s best kayakers to North-Eastern Canada in search of heavy river waves. The weather is cold, the rivers ice and log choked, but every night there is a fire and everyday is spent surrounded by friends. Pictured above, Ben Marr, Joel Kowalski, and Patrick Camblin enjoy a fire beside a swollen Mistassibbi River and Haiwaii Rapid.

August 26, 2016

Photo of the Day | David Jackson

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David Jackson


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“I grew up a little different than most,” says Ontario freelance photographer David Jackson. “From the time I could move, I mused in the vast open, found refugee in the great alone and cherished my time spent exploring.” Jackson is still constantly on the move, bringing a unique photojournalist’s eye to his work that for C&K has ranged from coverage of the 2014 Rey Del Rio Waterfall World Championships to embedded profiles with cross-Canada canoeist Mike Ranta and third-generation canoe builder Bill Miller.

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