They'rrrrre Baaaaaack! No, it's not a scene from Poltergeist, but one from the equator, where Small World Adventures, the longest standing whitewater outfitter in Ecuador, was recently re-purchased by previous owners Don Beveridge and Darcy Gaetcher, along with co-owner and former Small World guide and Liam Kirkham.

Call it a harmonious convergence and a great reunion.

Guidebook authors and Ecuador whitewater veterans Beveridge and Darcy Gaetcher bought back their company three years after leaving. During their hiatus they kayaked and guided in a vast selection of destinations including Kenya, USA, Nepal, Uganda and Bhutan, often accompanied by Liam, and also paddled the entire Amazon from source to sea, making Darcy the first woman to ever complete it.

Following their travels, they decided it was time to head “home” back to Ecuador.

Don Beveridge on his beloved Oyacachi.

"After scouring the world for new kayaking destinations, we found many new and incredible places to kayak, but we also realized that nothing quite compares to Ecuador,” says Gaetcher. “We’re super excited to be back. We haven’t found any other place with such a high concentration of excellent rivers and we can’t wait to get back and guide on our favorite runs again. I can already imagine my smile after landing 'The Best Boof in the World' on the Upper Jondachi."

Don Beveridge paddling his beloved Oyachachi.

Don Beveridge paddling his beloved Oyachachi.

Liam Kirkham, based in the UK, is also a highly experienced kayaker, with fifteen years paddling experience in 13 countries. He has also previously guided for Small World Adventures in Ecuador and the Grand Canyon, as well as Nepal.

Small World Adventures owns the largest kayak fleet in Ecuador and offers guided, all inclusive, week long whitewater adventures in Ecuador, from Class II-V paddling through November to March. Guests can expect to paddle each of the seven days they are with Small World, tackling the best whitewater Ecuador while based at their lodge on the Quijos river.

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