For the last few years some of the most mesmerizing images in paddling have come not from dreamy wilderness landscapes but from the colorful swirl of massive paddler gatherings like Floatzilla and Raft-a-Palooza that have set off an arms race to become the largest “raft” of canoes and kayaks in history.

Another round of eye-popping aerial photography came out of the Seattle area this weekend but for an entirely different reason: activism. Over 500 “kayaktivists” came together on the Puget Sound Saturday to protest the arrival of a giant Arctic drilling rig in the city’s port. Standup paddlers, canoeists and kayakers circled the 400-foot long rig, owned by Shell Oil, as part of a three-day-long of climate rally, which is taking place both on and off the water.

Learn more about the impetus for the protests and check out more photos from the event below.