Want to know what it's like to kayak the Grand Canyon without being able to see it? Check out Erik Weihenmayer's No Barriers, a new book giving a whole new meaning to running something blind…

The book, co-written by Buddy Levy, hit shelves February 7, 2017.


"It's the story of my personal and professional struggles in the pursuit of growth, learning, and family, as well as a dream to kayak one of the world's great rivers," Weihenmayer says. "More importantly, it is a story of the many people I've encountered along the way who possess what I call a No Barriers Mindset: people who have risked failure, transcended personal barriers, and shown others a way forward. Life is hard and often knocks us flat. Yet, No Barriers exists in all of us. It is a map to navigate through those challenges, in the pursuit of our very best selves."

Weihenmayer adds: "No Barriers is about my journey since coming down from Mt. Everest in 2001, and the path to where I am today. It is the story of my own life, as well as a dream to kayak (the Grand Canyon) as a blind athlete. It also highlights these No Barriers pioneers who give those around them the courage to do great things: scientists and innovators, artists and musicians, climbers and adventurers, activists and soldiers.

"No Barriers is a way of living, and it exists in all of us, like a deep internal light. But sometimes through trauma, loss, isolation, and disillusionment, people get shoved into a dark place, and that light is almost extinguished. Making hard choices is what feeds that light, and becomes the energy we need to propel us forward. This book is about making the hard choices to fuel that flickering light.”

So far the book has received rave reviews:

“No Barriers does more than chronicle a magnificent and seemingly impossible journey through the heart of the Grand Canyon. It offers a shining testament to the truth that both on rivers and in life, it is within the pockets of turbulence―the places where chaos reigns greatest― that discovery, wisdom, and growth await. Weihenmayer’s powers of discernment are acute, startling, and deeply inspirational.”
― Kevin Fedarko, New York Times bestselling author of The Emerald Mile

“No Barriers is more than an incredible adventure story ― it’s a beautiful book about family and finding a way to achieve more than you ever thought possible."
―Brad Meltzer, New York Times bestselling author of The President’s Shadow

“An inspiration to other blind people and plenty of us folks who can see just fine.”
―Jon Krakauer, New York Times bestselling author of Into Thin Air

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