It’s that time. The 2011 World Surf Kayaking Championships will be held this fall at the Outer Banks in North Carolina, from September 28th-October 10th. For more contest info, click here The US West Coast Team has traditionally been a strong competitor at the world championships, and we’re looking for folks who are interested in being on the team for this year.

The team is traditionally selected using both competition results from the past 2 years, and, if needed, a team trials contest. As the organization tasked with selecting the team, we’re looking for responses from anyone interested in competing this year.

If you are interested in competing as a member of the US West Team in 2011, email You must:

  • Be willing and able to travel to North Carolina for the time of the contest.
  • Be an experienced surf kayak competition paddler.
  • Want to win.
  • Be willing to commit to the train, and train for the event.

We are looking for Men, Masters, Women and Juniors.

Responding by no means guarantees a spot. We’ll be using selection criteria to choose team slots. Not responding guarantees you WON’T be offered a spot. Respond by March 10th. If you know someone you think might be interested, please forward this email.

US West Surf Kayak Committee Want a preview? Check out this neat trailer for the event…