London, Ontario, February 24, – Great things are in the works at Nova Craft for 2012. We now have two new canoe models: the Trapper and the Teddy. We are also adding a strong featherweight composite, Aramid Lite, to our selection.

We are very excited to now offer two original Chestnut Canoe Company designs that go back to the mid 1900s: the Chestnut Trapper and the Teddy. Both the Trapper and the Teddy are 12′ long and will be available in Royalex Lite at 40 lb. as well as most of our composite layups.

The Trapper is a solo canoe that is ideal for backwoods fishing on small creeks and rivers as well as flat water. Traditional lines and features typically found in Chestnut canoes inspired the design of the Trapper. When in need of a very small, lightweight and maneuverable canoe that is also proven to perform and track well, the Trapper is the right choice.

The Teddy is also based on an original Chestnut model. At 12′ in length with a 34″ beam, the Teddy is designed specifically for the comfort of youth. A smaller version of the famous Bob Special, the Teddy is only 13″ deep with a low rocker that is suitable for kids who desire to paddle in tandem or solo. Given its size, the Teddy is easily maneuverable and tracks well without compromising the space needed for a multi-day trip.

Lastly, we are introducing a new composite material to our line-up: Aramid Lite; a material that is proven to have considerable longevity and increased structural strength. Available in most of our models, these canoe’s hulls are built entirely of Aramid cloth and a premium vinylester resin that is engineered for maximum elongation. The Aramid Lite remains unmatched in its weight class in terms of durability and will outlast the competition. This material provides Nova Craft customers with another product that suits their specific needs at a competitive price.