kokatat-logo1Arcata, Calif., (November 24, 2009) – Kokatat, the independent paddlewear and accessories company, launched its official blog recently: http://blog.kokatat.com”http://blog.kokatat.com. The Kokatat blog will offer readers unique content from Team Kokatat (sponsored whitewater and sea kayakers), Kokatat Ambassadors (supported athletes from within the disciplines of paddle sports), press announcements, product reviews, event reports and more. Fans new and old now have a resource for Kokatat news from its office in Arcata to waters around the world.

The Kokatat blog will offer regular contributions from Team Kokatat in the form of competition recaps, on-the-ground event coverage, photos, expedition documentation, and videos. The team is comprised of such paddle sports' stars as Anna Levesque, Nick Troutman, Ruth Gordon, and Bryan Smith. Readers will have the opportunity to engage with the athletes on a personal level.

"Our sponsored athletes are active, well-rounded professionals in and out of the water," said Lisa Beckstead, Kokatat field marketing manager. "When they're not competing they're finding ways to foster growth in the sport and engaging in clean water initiatives. Our blog will be an excellent resource for our fan base to get all the latest Kokatat family news," Beckstead added.

The blog will also serve to enhance the customer experience with Kokatat product. Athlete feedback as well as media coverage will give real-world accounts of the product and its benefits during use.

Readers are encouraged to continue visiting Kokatat's official website for detailed product information, team biographies, and for information regarding Kokatat's many partnerships.