Tyler Bradt. Photo by Scott Martin.

Tyler Bradt. Photo by Scott Martin.

April 4, 2016 – Jackson Kayak announces today the signing of Tyler Bradt to Team Jackson Kayak. Tyler is known for his prowess on the waterways of the world, currently holds the world waterfall record at 189 feet and has many first descents under his belt including the mighty Inga Rapids on the Congo River. Tyler will be taking Jackson Kayak with him on his world tour, The Wizard's Eye Expedition, and will be paddling some of the most spectacular waterways on the globe as he completes his world circumnavigation.

At only 29 years of age, Tyler is already stuff of legends in the paddlesports industry with not only his first descents, but his participation in some of the industry's most epic adventures. The Oil and Water project is one of his many projects and has reached critical acclaim winning the Jules Verne awards. Tyler himself has produced 3 top featured films to date and currently works on projects involving his global Wizard's Eye adventures.

"My drive is to live life from one adventure to the next," states Bradt, "exploring, learning, gaining perspective, skills, discipline and generally just living this life to ultimate extent I am able.” Tyler is three quarters of the way through his global exploratory trip as it approaches the Americas this spring and summer. Tyler stunned the world dropping off Palouse Falls in Oregon etching his name in the history books with a 189-foot descent, shattering records.  Tyler will not only be running wild rivers in his upcoming expeditions for Jackson Kayak but also be touring into unique natural environments in some of Jackson's exploration fleet.

"Some people do things that are beyond the imagination of most people,” notes Eric Jackson, President of Jackson Kayak. "Others do things beyond those people's imagination. Tyler is one of those people. His drive to do what hasn't been done before is that of a modern day Magellan. We are fired up to welcome him to the team.”

"I am humbled and honored to be joining Jackson Kayak,” Tyler says. “I admire this company, the people behind it, the products Jackson creates and greatly look forward to making the most of this opportunity.”

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