ROCK ISLAND, Tenn. — Jackson Kayak, a rapidly growing kayak manufacturer, has announced James McBeath as their new director of marketing. As the whitewater kayaking industry’s leading kayak manufacturer, and as a growing player in the kayak fishing, recreational and touring markets, Jackson Kayak has tasked McBeath as a key leader in this vital growth period.

With more than 25 years of marketing team management experience in paddlesports, and a successful track record in the promotion of kayaking of all kinds, McBeath comes in after a year of unparalleled growth for Jackson sales. As Jackson Kayak continues to break new ground in whitewater, kayak fishing, recreational and touring kayaks, and its team continues its outstanding accomplishments, a steady stream of content marketing will be developed and managed under McBeath’s trained eye.

“James’ role will be to carry our momentum forwards with a more refined marketing plan and the strongest marketing team in our sector,” noted Jackson’s president, Eric Jackson. “He has spent the last year bringing all our efforts to a more managed level and will continue to do so as our reach grows into other disciplines in the New Year.”

McBeath was the co-founder and head of a large software development firm with more than 130 employees before turning his attention on the paddlesports business in 2007. As a co-founder of Breathe Productions, Liquid Skills Kayak School and Kayak Futaleufu, he applied his web-savvy skills to the industry before there were many people in that space and grew those businesses quickly. Most recently, McBeath co-founded World Kayak with Eric Jackson. The organization’s primary goal is to grow whitewater kayaking and promote the future of freestyle paddling worldwide. Last year 162 World Kayak Hometown Throwdowns competitions were held under James’ watchful eye in an industry that is showing its best growth and participation figures in 15 years.

McBeath lives in Almonte, Ontario, Canada, and is another top JK talent working remotely from the JK factory using the latest communication technologies. He is an active whitewater kayaker, kayak fisherman, and recreational paddler, who just recently returned from Veracruz, Mexico, where the “Indiana James” character that will debut on Jackson TV next month was born — another McBeath creation.

Founded in 2003, family owned and operated Jackson Kayak is passionate about paddlesports and committed to helping boaters of all ages, size and skill excel. The global leader in whitewater boats, Jackson Kayak also proudly designs and produces recreation/touring and fishing kayaks from its manufacturing facility in Tennessee.

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