Burlington, Washington – July 20, 2011 Innova Kayak is pleased to announce two new decked kayaks, the Swing I and II. Designed to meet the PVC-free standards increasingly being demanded by progressive retailers and consumers, the Swings offer amazing performance at weights not achieved with decked boats before in the industry. The 10-foot, 6-inch single Swing I is only 22 pounds, and the 13-foot double Swing II is only 26 pounds.

These inflatable kayaks feature a ten minute setup time, three separate 3-psi air chambers, a stretched, urethane-coated skin deck supported by aluminum arches, and zippered access to below-deck storage. Unlike the bulky bladder construction used in some inflatable kayaks, the Swings are rapid drying with Dupont Teflon treatment on the LitePack hull fabric. The Swings are fast, rigid, and stable in a variety of water conditions.

Options include a spray skirt and a tracking fin.

Innova Booth 35066 – Outdoor Retailer Summer Market