hobiecat-logo-fullOceanside, California – August 26, 2009 – Hobie Cat Company today is announcing a partnership with the Inshore Fishing Association (IFA) to be the presenting sponsor of the newly-formed IFA Kayak Fishing Tour. The tour will be launched in February of 2010 with an inaugural showcase event to take place on September 20, 2009 in Titusville, Florida, the day after the final IFA Florida East Coast Division Redfish Tournament. The series will include 18 catch-photograph-release Kayak Fishing Tour events plus a Championship. Events will be held on Sundays, each one following a Saturday IFA Redfish Tournament designed for motorized boats of 15' and longer.
The new IFA Kayak Fishing Tour, presented by Hobie Fishing, offers a viable and exciting alternative for those anglers who enjoy the spirit of competition and whose preference is for a non-motorized, self-propelled boat. The competition includes Redfish, Trout, Flounder and Aggregate/Slam divisions plus a Junior Angler award. Four Hobie fishing boats will awarded at each of the 19 tournaments, including the ICAST Best of Show Hobie Mirage Pro Angler to each Slam winner. The purse will also include cash prizes.
"Hobie Fishing, like the IFA, is dedicated to educating the fishing public on the importance of maintaining the country's fishing resources and promoting the friendly spirit of competition," commented Doug Skidmore, president of Hobie Cat Company. Bart Schad, IFA's vice president of marketing, went onto say that "in addition to partnering on education, the addition of Hobie Fishing opens up an exciting new dimension to our tournaments that can attract a whole new audience of anglers."
In addition to promoting the adrenalin rush of tournament kayak fishing, the tour addresses two important issues for Hobie. Hobie is 100% committed to ensuring that all their marketing efforts benefit their retail outlets so Hobie Fishing Team members, each sponsored by a local Hobie retailer, will participate in each event. In addition, the company is acutely aware that the growth of Hobie Fishing will ultimately come about by getting more anglers involved and by inviting young anglers into the sport. The IFA Kayak Fishing Tour will meet these goals.
The 2010 events include three events each in six regions including Florida East Coast, Florida West Coast, Atlantic, Gulf Coast, Louisiana and Texas. To sign up for the September 20 inaugural event, go to redfishtour.com
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