American Whitewater (AW) sets the benchmark for conservation and restoration of whitewater resources and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely. At Fluid Kayaks we admire and appreciate the work they do. We care about our rivers and environment as much as anyone, and decided to do our part to support AW in their quest for clean and free-flowing rivers for the benefit of all.

As a result Fluid Kayaks donated $25 000 to American Whitewater, in memory of Hendri Coetzee. This donation was joined by Priority WorldWide Services with another $25 000 donated to American Whitewater, also in memory of Hendri Coetzee.

Hendri had an immense and lasting impact on river exploration in Africa and was also involved in numerous projects to provide clean drinking water to villagers in different African countries. Through this donation to AW in Hendri’s memory, he will now also have a lasting impact on the rivers of the USA.

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