Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.  – Delta Kayaks, Canadian Manufacturer of Premium Thermoformed Kayaks, elevates its Adventure Rec category with its newly redesigned Delta 10AR.

Delta’s 10 has been a popular model in the Adventure Rec category since its inception in 2010. This lightweight 10-footer brings a whole new level of performance to the world of recreational kayaks.

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It clips along with remarkable speed and agility while maintaining a high degree of stability without the excessive beam of most recreational kayaks. The redesign of the Delta 10AR boasts a smoother ride and lighter weight due to its new Fusion Hull design.

"We're always looking for ways to improve the user experience that our kayaks offer and the Delta 10AR is no exception. As the best selling recreational kayak in our line, it's a daunting task to make changes to a kayak that has done so well for us," says Michael Squarek, Sales & Marketing Manager at Delta Kayaks.

Delta’s 10AR excels as a platform for fishing and photography; its compact size and light weight make it an ideal choice to store on the deck of larger pleasure craft and a breeze to handle on and off the water.

"There are thousands of paddlers that count themselves as proud owners of a Delta 10, so redesigning it has to take into consideration the needs of new paddlers as well as the expectations of existing owners that might like to upgrade to the new 2016 version," said Stuart Mounsey, designer at Delta Kayaks. "After months of design and testing, we are proud to unveil Delta's Fusion Hull which incorporates the efficiency of a displacement hull and the stability of a Catamaran. After paddling the production version, we are very pleased with the performance of the new Fusion Hull coupled with the comfort and adjustability of our new Contour II Seat System."

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Delta’s 2016 Fusion Hull offers efficient glide with advanced stability and tracking. The pronounced V- shaped bow quietly cuts through the water and allows for more precise maneuvering. The Hybrid Catamaran hull at the stern provides the ultimate in stability while keeping the craft less beamy and more fluid through the water. A moderate rocker and long waterline offer paddlers better tracking and less fishtailing with every paddle stroke.

At 10' in length and 27" in width, the 2016 Delta 10AR comes loaded with proprietary features that have proven to be fan favourites on Delta’s other kayak models and have now become a standard in our designs. The new Delta 10AR features an under-deck storage pod, a large rear storage hatch with sealed bulkhead, soft-grip handles and a multi-position Contour II Seat System offering plenty of comfort and adjustability for all the family to enjoy. The 2016 Delta 10AR also weighs in at an ultra-light weight of 37lbs.

The team at Delta Kayaks is confident that the new 10AR will set the mark for all 10-foot adventure rec kayaks on the market. Browse through a more detailed overview of the Delta 10AR below.


  •   Thermoformed ABS construction provides high abrasion and impact-resistance and superior UV protection so your kayak looks like new for many years.
  •   Designed with simplicity in mind, Delta’s lightweight, multi-position Contour II Seat System provides excellent back support, quick adjustment and optimal comfort in a user friendly design.
  •   Delta's proprietary indexing system allows the seat to travel forward and back 4" for a custom fitunder the thigh braces and to help trim your kayak if needed.
  •   Low-profile under-deck day hatch is within easy reach, and 1 large dry storage area sealed with arigid bulkhead provides ample space for your gear at the stern.
  •   Padded integrated thigh braces improve control and overall comfort.
  •   Deck fittings are recessed and hatches flush-mounted for a sleek look and no-snag design.
  •   The Delta 10AR features ergonomic, dual-density grab handles that are easy on the hands.
  •   Made in CanadaOn sale Spring 2016 at Delta Kayak dealers, the Delta 10AR is offered in all four 2016 Delta colours: Red, Sunset Orange, Lime Green and White.

    About Delta Kayaks Ltd.

    Delta Kayaks is a family owned business with over 35 years of thermoforming expertise coupled with advanced paddlesport knowledge. From the outset, our intent was to simply build the best thermoformed kayaks we could build right here in North America.

    Through innovation and design, we have created a complete line of outstanding kayaks that will appeal to paddling enthusiasts of every age and level. From the super shine of the Solarkote® finish to the full complement of deck rigging, multi-position seat systems and long waterlines, our commitment to quality and value is evident in every kayak we build. For more information, visit

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