Confluence announces 2010 team rosters for Dagger, Wave Sport, Wilderness Systems 


The 2010 North American Dagger team roster of paddlers includes world-record holders, elite level competitors, explorers and teachers, with hundreds of first descents combined. There are environmental activists and humanitarians whose personal missions are as lofty as their paddling achievements. They paddle all over the world, but call paddling towns across the U.S. home. The unifying factor for the members of the 2010 Team Dagger is that their passion for kayaking is paramount, whether paddling flatwater with a beginner class or running a Class V creek against the clock. 
"Inspiration and talent are the defining qualities of this year's Dagger team roster," said Cheri McKenzie, CMO of Confluence Watersports, parent company to Dagger. "As individuals, each team member is contributing to the sport and to their community, in ways that go beyond pure athleticism. Of course, whitewater is at the core, and the team is wildly talented. But what sets this team apart, is their appreciation for the full spectrum of kayaking and the potential it inspires in all of us."

2010 Team Dagger Athletes:

Andrew Holcombe, based in Asheville, N.C., Andrew is both an athlete and the Dagger team manager. Two-time Green River Race winner and course record holder. Teaches for the Nantahala Outdoor Center.
Jason Beakes, Washington, D.C. Eight-time member of the U.S. Whitewater Slalom Team. works with Team RiverRunner, an organization that teaches wounded veterans how to kayak.
Tao Berman, White Salmon, Wash. Tao has been one of most successful paddlers and dedicated voices in the sport for nearly 15 years. Tao supports Athletes for the Cure, a foundation working to find a cure for prostate cancer. 
Tyler Bradt, Stevensville, Mont. Holds the male world record for a waterfall descent (Palousse Falls, WA; 186 feet). Drove from Alaska to Argentina in a truck that doesn't burn petroleum. It was documented in the film, "Oil + Water." 
Christie Glissmeyer, Hood River, Ore. Holds the female world record for a waterfall descent (Metlako Falls, OR; 82 feet)
Chris Gragtmans, Asheville, N.C. Three-time Canadian World Freestyle Team member.
Pat Keller, Asheville, N.C. Multiple first descents.
Anna Levesque, Asheville, N.C.: 2001 World Freestyle Bronze medalist. founder and lead instructor of Girls at Play, an educational resource for women paddlers of all levels.
Brad Ludden, Vail, Colo. Named one of the top 10 adventure athletes in the world, by "Outside Magazine." Helps young cancer survivors re-discover their strength, as founder of First Descents. 
Andy Maser Portland, Ore. First descent of the Lower Congo rapids. Co-founder of Epicocity Project, with a mission to explore and protect the natural world.
Rush Sturges, Forks of Salmon, Calif. Over 100 first descents, worldwide. considered by many of his peers to be one of the best all-around kayakers in the business. And did we mention he's a hip hop artist
Corey Volt, Greenville, S.C. Member of the 2009 US Men's Freestyle Team.

Team Dagger 2010 also welcomes ambassadors Laura Farrell (N.C), Brendan Wells (Wash.), Iker Beristan Van Dusen (Mexico), Todd Wells (Wash.), Katie Scott (Calif.), Ken Hoeve (Colo.). For bios of team athletes and ambassadors, please visit the community tab on


Team Wave Sport opens the 2010 season with a team roster comprised of tremendously talented athletes and downright good people. For Wave Sport, it may be all about whitewater, but the community you paddle with can mean the difference between a good day and great day. 

"This team lives and breathes whitewater,'" says Cheri McKenzie, CMO of Confluence Watersports, parent company to Wave Sport. "To talk to them, read their blog posts and watch them paddle is downright motivational. Collectively, they are among the most accomplished athletes in competition, expeditions and first descents. In getting to know them, I think it's because they approach paddling with drive, excitement, and above all, fun."

Selected for carrying the sport of whitewater to a new level, all while showing endless energy to pursue the next adventure, here is Team Wave Sport 2010: 

Bryan Kirk, Fayetteville, West Virginia
Not only is he a stud paddler who happens to be the reigning U.S. Freestyle Champion, but Bryan is also the Team manager (aka head cat herder). 
Elaine Campbell, Readsboro, Vermont
Easy-going, Elaine likes it all, especially if it's found on the West Branch of the Deerfield River in Vermont.
Tyler Curtis, high latitude kid from both Ottawa River, Canada and Norway 
TC is a five-time Canadian National Champion who appreciatively notes, "As it stands, I am pretty much the luckiest guy in the world."
Tanya Faux, Reno, Nevada
Setting the bar high for all paddlers, men and women alike, Tanya is an Australian "Adventurer of the Year" honoree, and was critical to bringing awareness to the Kimberley river region and its threats from mining projects. 
Trip Jennings, Eugene, Oregon
Chalking up one amazing adventure after the next and documenting them on film, Trip shares his paddling experiences and environmental activism as founder of Epicocity Project. 
Kelsey Thompson, Truro, Nova Scotia
As the first, and only, Atlantic Canadian paddler on the team, Kelsey brings a wicked accent and a three-time membership card to the Canadian Freestyle team.

Chris Wing, Charlotte, N.C.
Chris is a teacher, artist, competitor and all-around, chill guy who's perfect day paddling includes a quality creek near a killer play spot. 

Our Team Wave Sport ambassadors:
Todd Baker, Dillsburg, Pennsylvania
Taylor Cote, Suwanee, Georgia
Taylor Cavin, Lotus, CA
Kim Russell, Bend, Oregon

Wave Sport regional roster includes: Logan Grayling, Chris Harjes, Charlie Simmons, Mikkel St. Jean-Duncan, Brenna Kelleher, Chris Baer, Tyler Fox, Dave Nieuwenhuis, Jonny Meyers, Thomas Fahrun, Macy Burnham, Alexandre Sevegny, Eric Bissel and Connor McLeod.

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Wilderness Systems

Wilderness Systems announces its fishing Pro Staff for 2010, welcoming a greater number of team members than previous years. Anchored by some of the most accomplished kayak fishing pros from across the country (and Canada), the Pro Staff comes together under the Wildy banner to grow the sport of kayak fishing. As advocates, these anglers bring massive experience, recognition and expertise to any event. 
Members of the Pro Staff are available to help retailers meet the needs of the fishing community, through retailer clinics and at trade shows and consumer events.  Regardless of the water they fish or the species they pursue, they are passionate, good will ambassadors for the sport of kayak fishing and spokespeople for the brand.

2010 Wilderness Systems Fishing Pro Staff:

Chad Hoover (Virginia): Pro Staff Director, author, and competitive bass fisherman, Chad conducts seminars, guides, and hosts a popular, online bass tournament on
Jeff Little (Maryland): Smallmouth bass and river kayak fishing expert, Jeff is a renowned author and instructor/guide at his business,
Dean Thomas (Texas): Active conservationist and year round angler, Dean is the owner of Slow Ride Guide Services. He's always on the water, whether red drum casting in the grass flats or coastal fishing in the hot months.
Joe Poole (Texas): Longtime member of the Wildy Pro Staff and coastal angling expert for over 40 years, Joe is usually casting for reds and trout in his Tarpon 160, and writing about it for 
Mark Pierpont (Calif.): Top tournament competitor and product development consultant for kayak fishing gear, Mark has several "firsts" to his name. These include: first kayak fishing expedition to the Cortez Banks and among the first to pursue largemouth bass from a kayak in Mexico's famed Lake El Salto.
Chris Fierro (Calif.): Chris is a temperate water and inshore specialist, fishing out of a Tarpon 160 for halibut, yellowtail and white sea bass. He also dives from his Tarpon 160 and spearfishes in the offshore kelp beds.
C.J. Siebler (Calif.): The mastermind behind the Csueper Jeanyus Innovations lures, CJ and an authority on high-tech rigging and customizing yaks. CJ has been fishing from a kayak nearly half his life.
Eric Bell (N.C.): Eric started kayak fishing for the improved access and challenge it offered over wade fishing. With a full arsenal of Wildy boats, he fishes fresh and saltwater and is a seasoned tournament competitor.
Tommy Samuels (S.C.): Owner/operator/guide at KayakFishSC in Charleston, Tommy is an excellent resource for boat-specific questions and anything having to do with red drum.
Chris Chappell (Georgia): Guide and tournament winner, Chris fishes the Georgia coastal flats for tailing fish and surf zone for bull reds. Credit Zen and the art of kayak fishing, Chris believes positive energy helps land fish.
Jeff Suber (Florida): A perfect day for Jeff is catching shallow water redfish on topwaters and spoons out of the comfort of his Tarpon 160. Jeff uses his talents and passion for paddling to found Forgotten Coast Kayak Anglers and to raise money for several charities.
Todd Llewellyn (Florida): Todd loves kayak fishing for the ability to go where other anglers cannot. A kayak is the perfect vehicle for shallow water sight casting, and he's even won tournaments pitted against motorized teams.
Jason Stock (Florida): Jason operates JM Snooky Kayak Charters and has built a reputation for putting clients on fish throughout the west-central coast of Florida. He has an uncanny ability to find fish all year long, in all conditions.
Bill Schultz (Wisconsin): Popular seminar speaker and prolific writer for many angling titles, Bill is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable kayak angler who can find smallie in any shoreline grass.
Chris LeMessurier (Michigan): American Canoe Association kayak instructor, fishing guide and explorer of the diverse waters and species in the Great Lakes region, Chris still loves the sight of a huge smallmouth bass.
Chris Gorsuch (Pennsylvania): A lifelong angler of the rivers in the Catskills, Chris is a writer and a guide who knows that a kayak is the best tool for getting into low water areas for his favorite species: smallmouth bass and brown trout.
Russ Jones (Ontario): A relatively recent convert to fishing from a kayak, Russ is now a winning tournament angler and owner of 

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