2011 World Championships of Surf Kayaking, hosted by REAL and Watermen’s
Waboba to be Division Sponsor of the Junior Short Boat Class

The ESKA is excited to announce Waboba as a sponsor of the 2011 World Championships of Surf Kayaking. We won’t beat around the bush – Waboba makes balls. And like many, Waboba’s are for playing catch, but they have a most interesting dynamic. Skip a Waboba off the water, kind of like you would skip a stone, and watch it bounce directly off the water’s surface. This is one of the most simple, affordable and incredibly fun toys out there. Kids of all ages can consume an afternoon of water fun with Waboba Balls.

ESKA President and avid surf kayaker, Joey Hall, missed an entire surf session once because he was having so much fun playing with his Waboba ball in the shorebreak. “Before we actually put a Waboba in the water we didn’t know what to think. We literally ate up two hours playing catch in the surf. It was interesting seeing how the ball would skip across the water for hundreds of feet then rocket upwards when it collided with the foam pile of a wave. You could actually see some of the dynamics of how a kayak planes across water when watching the ball in action.”

Waboba is exploding onto the scene in outdoor shops, toy stores, surf shops, beach retail outlets and more. Buck Bowers, National Sales Manager at Waboba, was really excited about the opportunity to cross market their product with such an exciting event as the surf worlds. The fact is that water people love playing in the water, regardless of the sport. Surfer, kayaker, kid on the beach, they all love Waboba. The company is scheduled as the Division Sponsor of the Junior Short Boat class at the World Championships.

Check out Waboba’s complete line of product at Waboba.com, and look for product and company reps at the upcoming World Championships of Surf Kayaking on the Outer Banks of NC, September 28 – October 8th, 2011.

Event details at WorldChampionshipsofSurfKayaking.com
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