On Monday, Royal Dutch Shell announced they would halt a controversial plan to drill in Alaska's Chukchi Sea.

"Shell will now cease further exploration activity in offshore Alaska for the foreseeable future,” Shell said in a statement. The company cited worse-than-anticipated production from a test well about 150 miles north of Barrow, Alaska, as well as high costs associated with the project, and the “challenging and unpredictable federal regulatory environment in offshore Alaska."

Protesters and environmental groups, who criticized the Obama administration’s approval of Arctic drilling this summer, celebrated Monday’s announcement.

When Shell docked a massive Arctic drilling rig in Seattle in May, activists staged a series of protests, including several on-water “kayaktivist” blockades, which critics claimed was hypocritical given that petroleum is used to manufacture plastic. In July, Greenpeace protesters attempted to stop an icebreaking vessel from leaving Portland, Ore., by rappelling from a bridge and lining the Willamette River in kayaks.

Shell said they plan to suspend Arctic drilling indefinitely.

MORE: Check out this video from May’s kayak protest in Seattle: