For the first time in 40 years, there's a new river guide for the Canyonlands section of the Colorado and Green rivers.

Now you'll never have an excuse for getting lost paddling its myriad canyons again (Duh, like it's hard—just keep going downriver).

But venerable river runner Tom Martin has made everything from finding your campsite and great side hikes to navigating the region's many waterways easier than ever with the release of his new quintessential Canyonlands RiverMap.

One of the multitude of canyons covered by the new Canyonlands RiverMap.

One of the multitude of canyons covered by the new Canyonlands RiverMap.

"There is a reason why we kept putting off writing it," says Martin of a long-running project that included help from Duwain Whitis and Barb Vinson of RiverMaps, and Hazel Clark from Vishnu Temple Press. "The region has more than 320 miles of river, nine canyons, five different permits, three governmental agencies and more. But it's finally done."

The Canyonlands RiverMap covers the beauty of Utah's Ruby Horsethief and the whitewater of Westwater canyons, all the way past the Moab Daily, through Meander Canyon to the confluence with the Green. The guide also covers the stretch from Green River, Utah, through Labyrinth and Stillwater canyons to the confluence with the Colorado.

From there, these two rivers combine and head into Cataract Canyon. So does the guide, on down through Cataract and Narrow canyons to Hite.

"It's the same format as the guides to the Grand Canyon and the San Juan River we did," Martin says. "It has lots of useful information about rapids, where to scout, campsites, historical and geological information, hiking beta, great color photographs and the 7.5 minute USGS quad-maps “going-with-the-flow” from the bottom of the page to the top to help you orientate yourself. There’s also a robust front-end section with information on how to get all the various permits and sort out shuttles."

A page from inside...

A page from inside…

The 110-page 8.5″ x 14″ guide is printed on waterproof tear-resistant plastic paper will be available in early June. Pre-release orders are currently available for folks who want to order a copy for delivery at the earliest opportunity for the price of $36, including shipping.

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