COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – Chalk one up for the hospitality of strangers. As for foul-weather canoeing, whiskey and helping a brother out–not so much.

Despite stormy weather, two men paddled their canoe onto a lake this week to go fishing, after having a shot of whiskey at the boat ramp. They capsized 15 minutes after launching, swam to shore, and one man climbed up the bank to a nearby home. Finding the front door locked, he broke in and called 911. Then he jumped in the shower to warm up. Meanwhile, his buddy was still on the shore and, according to in Idaho, “too weak to move.”

When homeowner’s son-in-law arrived, he saw the estimated $2,000 in damage to the metal front door and found the stranger was still showering.

The homeowners acknowledged that this could have been a life-threatening situation for the men. They have decided not to press charges, though they are expecting the fishermen to help pay for a new front door.

Hardly the “bizarre crime spree” suggested by local news channel KREM2, this incident can serve as a good reminder for paddlers to exercise caution and plan ahead by dressing for the water temperature. Even on a small lake, dangerous situations can arise quickly.

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