Canoe & Kayak has launched a new community platform designed to unite the various types and disciplines of passionate paddlers out there. Even in a single group of like-minded paddlers, online interaction can be splintered across more than one social network. In short, one size or kind of social-media utility does not fit all. So we worked with the folks at Triiibes to build a platform that integrates content from all your other social networks.

The new Canoe & Kayak community platform provides the power for individual paddlers, shops, schools, outfitters, manufacturers, and brands alike to post content and interact in a much more personal and direct way. Like, it’s a “big-tent” approach that complements our mission to deliver the best stories, information, and imagery from every impassioned corner of paddling., its social channels and media partners represent the largest group of paddlers on the planet. Here’s a home for folks like us from this broader paddling community to interact and share with one another on common ground.

So log in, create a profile, search for the latest content by profiles, channels, or hashtags. It’s a simple interface like Facebook or Twitter where you can create and upload, share linked content and follow other users. And likewise, you can share your Facebook or Instagram posts onto the C&K community platform and the hashtags will synch so it can be part of a channel.

Comment on posts, like posts, tag other profiles, personalize your profile and curate your favorite pieces of content. If you’re a business or event, build an enthusiast community around your brand, where you can guarantee your community will see anything you publish.

— A Quick Guide to the Basics of C&K’s Triiibes Community Platform:

Discover (Compass symbol) — The main homepage (much like Instagram’s search function) that allows users to discover current and relevant content suitable to their interaction within the platform, plus new people to follow and new channels to become part of.

The Stream (Stacked symbol of three sideways i’s) — This feed (much like Facebook’s newsfeed) chronologically displays content being generated from the channels, #hashtags and profiles that you are following. You can post in the Stream, interact and also click on the tags on the RHS that allows you to go to new channels and new Streams. Search profiles and channels from your Stream.

Notifications (Bell symbol) — A red dot notifies users to click for a drop-down list of with the number, time, user, and type of notifications. Click on the individual notification to take you to the content interaction.

Tags — Appear on the RHS of all new content entered. You can then choose if you wish to add those Tags to your post. Tags can be either profiles — if you @tag someone you’re following or who is interactive on the platform this allows them to be notified that they are tagged in content — or, Tags can be channels.

# — Using the Hashtag you can start a conversation about topics that matter to you. Or you can use a Hashtag to create a new channel in order to interact with pros, brands or just other fellow paddlers. Just click and choose to follow or not.

— Check out the C&K Triiibes platform. Log in now with a new account or simply use your Facebook login.